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1. A linear pile of cut hay or grain left to dry in a field before being gathered.
2. Any of various other linear piles, as of leaves or snow heaped up by the wind.
tr.v. wind·rowed, wind·row·ing, wind·rows
To shape or arrange into a windrow.

wind′row′er n.


(ˈwɪndˌrəʊ; ˈwɪnˌrəʊ)
1. (Agriculture) a long low ridge or line of hay or a similar crop, designed to achieve the best conditions for drying or curing
2. (Physical Geography) a line of leaves, snow, dust, etc, swept together by the wind
(Agriculture) (tr) to put (hay or a similar crop) into windrows
ˈwindˌrower n


(ˈwɪndˌroʊ, ˈwɪn-)

1. a row or line of hay left to dry before being raked into heaps.
2. any similar row, as of sheaves of grain, for drying.
3. a row of dry leaves, dust, etc., swept together by the wind.
4. to arrange in a windrow.


Past participle: windrowed
Gerund: windrowing

I windrow
you windrow
he/she/it windrows
we windrow
you windrow
they windrow
I windrowed
you windrowed
he/she/it windrowed
we windrowed
you windrowed
they windrowed
Present Continuous
I am windrowing
you are windrowing
he/she/it is windrowing
we are windrowing
you are windrowing
they are windrowing
Present Perfect
I have windrowed
you have windrowed
he/she/it has windrowed
we have windrowed
you have windrowed
they have windrowed
Past Continuous
I was windrowing
you were windrowing
he/she/it was windrowing
we were windrowing
you were windrowing
they were windrowing
Past Perfect
I had windrowed
you had windrowed
he/she/it had windrowed
we had windrowed
you had windrowed
they had windrowed
I will windrow
you will windrow
he/she/it will windrow
we will windrow
you will windrow
they will windrow
Future Perfect
I will have windrowed
you will have windrowed
he/she/it will have windrowed
we will have windrowed
you will have windrowed
they will have windrowed
Future Continuous
I will be windrowing
you will be windrowing
he/she/it will be windrowing
we will be windrowing
you will be windrowing
they will be windrowing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been windrowing
you have been windrowing
he/she/it has been windrowing
we have been windrowing
you have been windrowing
they have been windrowing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been windrowing
you will have been windrowing
he/she/it will have been windrowing
we will have been windrowing
you will have been windrowing
they will have been windrowing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been windrowing
you had been windrowing
he/she/it had been windrowing
we had been windrowing
you had been windrowing
they had been windrowing
I would windrow
you would windrow
he/she/it would windrow
we would windrow
you would windrow
they would windrow
Past Conditional
I would have windrowed
you would have windrowed
he/she/it would have windrowed
we would have windrowed
you would have windrowed
they would have windrowed


After mowing and initial drying, grass to be used for hay was raked into rows (windrows). If Sweep rakes were used to gather the hay from the windrows, they ran along the windrows and gathered up the hay. Otherwise, men with pitchforks picked the hay up from the windrows and pitched it onto a wagon for transport to a stack or barn. Eventually, hay balers were developed that ran along the windrow and picked up the hay, so the sweep rake became obsolete.
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Then came the rain out of the distance, advancing with the roar of a gale of wind and causing the water of the lagoon to smoke in driven windrows.
In addition to being an effective harvest weed seed control (HWSC) strategy, preliminary research suggests narrow windrow burning of canola stubble may also help growers manage the damaging fungal disease sclerotinia stem rot.
The new fabric was designed and created as a result of a recent study conducted by the James Hutton Institute (JHI), which highlighted the need for lightweight and breathable compost covers on open windrow installations--particularly for odor control at sites close to urbanization.
In the midst of this chaos, I dove off and landed smack-dab in the windrow.
The ability to independently adjust float suspension results in less dirt in the windrow, delivering higher-quality hay and forage.
Martin Windrow performs a magnificent effort reconciling these accounts into a well-written book on a difficult story.
These dedicated snow pushers offer aggregates producers an alternative to buckets and traditional windrow plowing for providing winter maintenance of parking lots, haul roads and roadways.
If it is successful, McMurtrie said, the compost program could be expanded to accept more types of commercial and industrial food waste, including restaurant grease, though that would require moving away from windrow composting and instead doing anaerobic digestive composting, which would be more costly.
Commercial operations typically arrange compost in long windrows, and huge windrow turning machines lumber along, churning the piles as they go.
Great-grandad Hugh Windrow, from Fazakerley, was hit by a Ford Fiesta driven by Colin Unsworth as he walked along the A580 East Lancs Road in Norris Green on November 16 last year.
Here Windrow sets French colonial methods in their historical, military and political contexts and his description of the old Legion''s battlefields helps the reader comprehend the 'golden age'' of what remains one of the most famous military organisations in the world.