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A large cone-shaped bag that is open at both ends and attached to a stand by a pivot to indicate the direction of the wind. Also called air sock, wind cone, wind sleeve.


1. (Physical Geography) a truncated cone of textile mounted on a mast so that it is free to rotate about a vertical axis: used, esp at airports, to indicate the local wind direction. Also called: air sock, drogue, wind sleeve or wind cone
2. (Aeronautics) a truncated cone of textile mounted on a mast so that it is free to rotate about a vertical axis: used, esp at airports, to indicate the local wind direction. Also called: air sock, drogue, wind sleeve or wind cone



a tapered, tubular cloth vane, pivoted to catch the wind and swing freely so as to indicate the direction toward which the wind is blowing.
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Noun1.windsock - a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mastwindsock - a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast; used (e.g., at airports) to show the direction of the wind
visual signal - a signal that involves visual communication
veterný rukáv
rüzgâr tulumu


[ˈwɪndsɒk] N (Aer) → manga f (de viento)


[ˈwɪndˌsɒk] nmanica a vento


(wind) noun
1. (an) outdoor current of air. The wind is strong today; There wasn't much wind yesterday; Cold winds blow across the desert.
2. breath. Climbing these stairs takes all the wind out of me.
3. air or gas in the stomach or intestines. His stomach pains were due to wind.
to cause to be out of breath. The heavy blow winded him.
(of a musical instrument) operated or played using air pressure, especially a person's breath.
ˈwindy adjective
a windy hill-top; a windy day; It's windy today.
ˈwindiness noun
ˈwindfall noun
1. an apple etc blown from a tree.
2. any unexpected gain or success.
ˈwindmill noun
a machine with sails that work by wind power, for grinding corn or pumping water.
ˈwindpipe noun
the passage for air between mouth and lungs.
windsurf, windsurfer, windsurfingwindˈwindscreen noun
(American ˈwindshield).
1. a transparent (usually glass) screen above the dashboard of a car.
2. a wall usually constructed out from the house wall to protect people on a patio or balcony from the wind.
ˈwindsock noun
a device for indicating the direction and speed of wind on an airfield.
windsurf (ˈwindsəːf) verb
to move across water while standing on a windsurfer.
ˈwindsurfer noun
1. (also sailboard) a board with a sail for moving across water with the aid of the wind.
2. the person controlling this board.
ˈwindsurfing noun
ˈwindswept adjective
exposed to the wind and showing the effects of it. windswept hair; a windswept landscape.
get the wind up
to become nervous or anxious. She got the wind up when she realized how close we were to the edge.
get wind of
to get a hint of or hear indirectly about.
get one's second wind
to recover one's natural breathing after breathlessness.
in the wind
about to happen. A change of policy is in the wind.
like the wind
very quickly. The horse galloped away like the wind.
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The requirements include windsocks, marshalling wands and safety cones.
There's a host of activities to keep little ones entertained, including drop-in sessions to make fluttering windsocks, a screening of How To Train Your Dragon (Monday, 2.
The new and improved landing sites - 10 across Wales - will rely on rural volunteer or hospital response teams to deploy temporary landing lights and windsocks when alerted to the arrival of an aircraft.
The morning is then either spent at church, watching unintelligible TV or playing with presents found in windsocks before lunch is served - a special type of porridge, with cinammon and melted butter on top and a choking hazard contained within.
He had a fraction of an advantage when he grabbed The baton and soon Danny Talbot, who led England to second, and Trinidadian Richard Thompson were hanging o- his slipstream like a couple of windsocks.
When you rim into about 1,200 white windsocks, you'll know you're in the right spot.
In addition, Aviation Renewables has led the design for the provision of an automated weather observation system (AWOS), warning lights, windsocks, apron lights and precision approach path indicators (PAPIs)--which, except for the AWOS, are also solar-powered.
Also on display were works by the school's Art Club members, who created hippie windsocks, sea-themed "scrimshaw" scratched into white plastic, corn-husk dolls and glow-in-the-dark luminaries.
WIND IN YOUR SOCKS TO learn how to make Wacky Windsocks, visit the Parkridge Centre, Brueton Park, Solihull from 10.
TUESDAY, April 3 and Tuesday, April 17 - Wacky Windsocks.
Windsocks, flags, tea cups and bunting are all up for grabs with few takers.
The skies will be filled with thousands of fish-shaped windsocks made by local schoolchildren, alongside a giant 20ft inflatable squid and a shark's head, to name but a few.