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A storm with high winds or violent gusts but little or no rain.


(Physical Geography) a storm consisting of violent winds



a storm with heavy wind but little or no precipitation.
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Noun1.windstorm - a storm consisting of violent winds
cyclone - a violent rotating windstorm
dust storm, duster, sandstorm, sirocco - a windstorm that lifts up clouds of dust or sand; "it was the kind of duster not experienced in years"
storm, violent storm - a violent weather condition with winds 64-72 knots (11 on the Beaufort scale) and precipitation and thunder and lightning
tempest - (literary) a violent wind; "a tempest swept over the island"
whirlwind - a more or less vertical column of air whirling around itself as it moves over the surface of the Earth


[ˈwɪndstɔːm] Nventarrón m, huracán m
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On your head above wear a shaped cap of felt to keep your ears from getting wet, for the dawn is chill when Boreas has once made his onslaught, and at dawn a fruitful mist is spread over the earth from starry heaven upon the fields of blessed men: it is drawn from the ever flowing rivers and is raised high above the earth by windstorm, and sometimes it turns to rain towards evening, and sometimes to wind when Thracian Boreas huddles the thick clouds.
PRAG (CyHAN)- Strong winds and snowfall caused by windstorm Xaver on Thursday night damaged electricity supply in northern Czech Republic, affecting tens of thousands of people.
LAHORE -- Windstorm coupled with shower turned the weather pleasant on Sunday evening providing respite to people from humid weather.
com)-- Eevelle announced today the launch of WindStorm, a high-quality line of semi-custom, fully trailerable boat covers available at affordable prices.
Srinagar, Mar 20 ( ANI ): State police officials and local authorities on Tuesday engaged in rescue operations after a nightlong windstorm hit the Kashmir valley damaging several houseboats and uprooting several trees and electric poles.
Editors Note: Scott Koedel of Don Meyler Inspections wrote an article for the September 2009 issue of Florida Underwriter entitled "Ensuring the Accuracy of Windstorm Mitigation Credits.
DAY 17 of our month-long series on the effects of new state laws and budget cuts: A flow chart to visualize the new - and complicated - claims process for the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.
The recent windstorm alongwith wind and thunderstorm and heavy rain has caused severe damage to the electricity infrastructure in Sahiwal, Bahawalpurand Multan division.
The incident happened due to the windstorm and it was disaster for the CDA, which has now taken some strict security measures in the parks.
The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA), insurer of last resort for windstorm and hail coverage in the coastal counties of Texas, and Guidewire Software have announced TWIA has selected Guidewire BillingCenter as its new billing system.
The municipal authorities re-decorated Alatoo central square after the first windstorm on Saturday, but the windstorm in the night of March 16-17 damaged and tore down decorations.
As the Wenatchee area braces for the beginning of what could be a heavy snow season, some residents are still dealing with the aftermath of the January 2007 windstorm.