windward side

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Noun1.windward side - the side toward the windwindward side - the side toward the wind    
windward - the direction from which the wind is coming
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He remembered something like it in the past, a street-lamp crowned and caked upon the windward side with snow, the wind uttering its mournful hoot, himself looking on, even as now; but the cold had struck too sharply on his wits, and memory failed him as to the date and sequel of the reminiscence.
One day, after we had been paddling about for some time, I disembarked Kory-Kory, and paddled the canoe to the windward side of the lake.
On the afternoon of the third day out, Alexander was sitting well to the stern, on the windward side where the chairs were few, his rugs over him and the collar of his fur-lined coat turned up about his ears.
This is especially the case on the windward sides of the islands, which first receive and condense the moisture from the atmosphere.
For whippy trees with flexible stems you should insert a vertical stake on the windward side of the plant.
It was a sleepy place where you could wander the windward side of the island all day long and see only the occasional windsurfer in the rough waters.
The CWB weatherman Lee Meng-shuan indicated that the temperature in northern Taiwan will likely hover between 14-16 throughout the week until Friday, with occasional precipitation on the windward side of the island, expected in the northern and central regions.
Crossing the crest of a dune Drivers should always make sure they're approaching the crest from the windward side of the dune -- the sand will be firmer.
to the windward side, this red and blue row, so infected three or four whole rows, as to communicate the same color unto them; and part of the fifth, and some of the sixth.
Conversely, in an enclosed embayment, the windward side can be best.
Aerodynamic shrouds or baffles at the windward side of the runway may help to alleviate turbulence, however, such structures would require extensive testing and verification before construction and would do little to reduce wind shear.