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Noun1.Wine cask - a barrel that holds winewine cask - a barrel that holds wine    
barrel, cask - a cylindrical container that holds liquids
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It has a twang of the wine cask in it," said one, smacking his lips.
cried his fellows: "we'll find the wine cask itself at the palace, and that will be better than a hundred crystal fountains.
com Pumps Waukesha and Yamada air pumps, Carlsen & Associates Barrels Dargaud & Jaegle, Premier Wine Cask, premierwinecask.
The whisky aged in the South American red wine cask marks a double first--it is 19 years old and it is also the first Glenfiddich to be matured in a red wine cask from South America.
The castle's biggest attraction, in every sense, is the Heidelberg Tun, a wine cask built from 130 oak trees with a lid big enough to have been used as a dance floor.
Similarly, Todd Ziegenfus, senior marketing director at Underdog Wine Merchants (UWM), says that the Gen Y consumer is adopting the premium wine cask because it provides them with outstanding value: premium wine in unique packaging at a "fantastic" price.
One barrel built specially for Amarone, Tommasi's "Magnifica", has been endorsed by The Guinness Book of Records as the largest wooden wine cask in the world.
The largest wine cask in the world, found in Schloss Heidelberg, holds how many litres?
the three-liter premium wine cask segment, which grew 31 percent.
And the Wine Cask, right across from the Lobero Theatre, the oldest continuously operating theater in California.
Unmissable is the Heidelberg Tun, a seven-metre wine cask built in 1757, which holds 220,000 litres of wine.
You'll soon see a second Wine Cask restaurant in the Santa Barbara area when the award-winning Anacapa Street dining facility officially opens a sister spot sometime in June at Fess Parker's Wine Country Inn, 2860 Grand Ave.