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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a red as dark as red wine
dark red - a red color that reflects little light
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wine grapes grew in the wine-colored volcanic soil.
Porthos was seduced by a wine-colored doublet and sea-green breeches.
Parisa Khobdeh mixes and matches bold hues by pairing a mint green leotard with rich wine-colored warm-up pants and a sweater that she wears tied into a crop fit.
A hand-dyed indigo sofa and an over-dyed wine-colored rug-a subtle nod to the venue--add welcome color to the room without disrupting the masculine-leaning aesthetic.
Hersh, donned in customary Madeira Confraria attire - a wine-colored cape, a black velvet hat with ostrich feathers, and tastevin ("tambuladeira") a traditional wine tasting cup hanging from a ribbon.
The continued interest in wine-colored tones gives the latest Fiesta dinnerware addition, Claret, a more sophisticated, yet still hardy touch.
If the gloves and stockings weren't enough of a throwback, so were column dresses made from wine-colored velvet and postwar silhouettes featuring full knee-length skirts.
The attendants wore strapless, floor-length gowns of wine-colored chiffon and carried round bouquets filled with white hydrangeas, Versilia roses, Amnesia roses, and Quicksand roses.
She looked impeccable in a wine-colored dress and tall metallic shoes, but other stars were decidedly more casual.
He said his assailant was one of four occupants of a wine-colored sport utility vehicle that pulled up alongside him at the traffic light and that he had earlier been confronted by the man at the 371 Club on Park Avenue.
An ox; a small, wine-colored ox: That's my brother.
The epithet "vinacea" refers to the wine-colored abaxial surfaces of the leaves and scape bracts of the type (and cultivated) collection.