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Variant of winy.


(ˈwaɪnɪ) or


adj, winier or winiest
(Cookery) having the taste or qualities of wine


or win•ey

(ˈwaɪ ni)

adj. win•i•er, win•i•est.
1. of or characteristic of wine.
2. affected by wine.
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Adj.1.winey - having the taste of wine; "a rich winy taste"
tasty - pleasing to the sense of taste; "a tasty morsel"
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The reason why they meet older women is because they don't want winey and childish women.
99, Virgin Wines) An appealing deep salmon pink, this is a vibrant and winey style of rose with dried cherry and savoury berry fruits that are accented by fine tannins and a fresh, grippy palate.
Kenya, and are intensely flavored with floral, winey undertones.
Private Eddy Raelaurin Gates, 20, Private Tysheena Lynette James, 21, and Cadet Mitchell Alexander Winey, 21, also died in the accident, the circumstances of which remain unknown, pending an investigation by a team from the Army Combat Readiness Center in Fort Rucker, Alabama, the Fort Hood base said in a statement.
They add that the beans are harvested at their optimum ripeness, providing a delicious, medium roasted flavor with winey notes, a rich, elegant aroma and full-bodied finish.
Has a winey brandy quality to it, you definitely get that barrel aging component," said Ernie Adamo.
Connecting all of the technology and tools remains important, too, for a visually rich information view, according to Todd Winey, Senior Advisor, Strategic Markets, InterSystems.
Helena, guests on the Ambassador Winey Tour will transfer to a motorcoach to transport them to Charles Krug Winery for a tour filled with wine tasting and history.
The crop grows amongst wild honey, spices and banana trees, and the result is coffee that tastes winey with hints of jasmine and orange, coffee with hints of raisin, violet and mango, and coffee with shades of strawberry, cherry and lychee.
Its chocolate is from Davao and is unbelievably deep in flavor, winey and rich.
There were winey, floral notes with black olives coupled with just the right amount of earthiness.
Execution venues Buildings in the private and public heritage of the City of Montreuil located on the territory of the commune (93) and Allevard (38), St Bris le Winey (89) Sampzon (07), The Ciotat (13) Mouroux (77).