wing bar

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wing′ bar`

a line of contrasting color along the coverts of a bird's wing.
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The store will have many unique features, including a soup bar and wing bar in the Fresh Foods department; a wine and beer bar that features 16 beers on tap and a growler station; a meat smoker in the Butchers Market; a juice bar in the Farmers Market; an expanded selection of general merchandise, including an Everything Kitchen section; and a walk-in humidor.
Grey darker back, throat paler contrasting with grey chest, wing bar white is narrow, supercilium line broad.
Felton adds that when a conveyor belt stretches around a traditional wing pulley, it stretches over each wing bar.
According to Felton, when a conveyor belt stretches around a traditional wing pulley, it stretches over each wing bar.
No defenders beaten in four games, fewer metres gained with ball in hand than any other wing bar one Italian gentleman.
Once inside they will find new or expanded product offerings, like a chicken wing and hors d'oeuvre Wing Bar, fresh seafood, Hale and Hearty soup, Boar's Head Marquis deli, and more natural and gluten-free items.
The renovated store features a seafood counter, a chicken wing bar, made-to-order meals and updated decor.
They look similar to our common kestrel but with lest detailed markings and bolder colouring with a blue hood, tail, wing bar and a brick-red colour to the back.
Depending on where they breed, each species of these small greenish birds sports a different pattern, ranging from a simple wing bar to two wing bars, a stripe across the head, a patch on the rump, and white outer tail feathers.
Tenders are invited for Repairs To Hardstanding Of Sign Boards, Wing Bar Lights, First Row Of Approach Lights Of Runway And Painting To Ptt, Taxi Links Etc At Ins Hansa Under Age B/R I Of Ge Nw Vasco
The self-serve wing bar presents eight varieties with sauces, and an olive bar with appetizers like pepper shooters and stuffed grape leaves greets shoppers as they head for deli meats and cheeses.