wing chair

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wing chair

also wing·chair  (wĭng′châr′)
An easy chair with a high back and side panels between the seat and armrests.

wing chair



(Furniture) an easy chair having wings on each side of the back

wing′ chair`

a large upholstered chair having a high back with wings.
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Noun1.wing chair - easy chair having wings on each side of a high backwing chair - easy chair having wings on each side of a high back
easy chair, lounge chair, overstuffed chair - a comfortable upholstered armchair
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Zinc-topped bars, wing chairs covered in bright-color Hainsworth wools, and a baby grand piano complete the party mood.
The new chapter takes readers into Tommy and Dee Hilfiger's monochromatic master bedroom, where a white Kagan Crescent sofa sits harmoniously under a series of vintage Marilyn Monroe photographs by Bert Stern; a lobby stocked with reproduced 1958 Ondine wing chairs in Portugal's L'and Vineyards and Hotel; and high above Manhattan to the dining room of the restaurant Robert, which crowns the Museum of Art and Design and houses a collection of his Floating Back sofas.
The interior design equivalent to comfort food, wing chairs are soaring in popularity again.
The atmosphere at Merry Jane's is restful and low-key, with two wing chairs in the middle of the store where shoppers can sit to watch friends model what they're trying on or sit to sip a cup of coffee or tea.
Wing chairs in the bar area are upholstered in snappy checked material, there is wooden furniture and a vaulted ceiling and beams add to the light and airy feel.
In the living room, ivory walls accented with crisp black crown molding lines the ceiling, ultra-luxe tufted Bentley leather sofa and wing chairs provide ultimate comfort and relaxation, and a crystal chandelier decorates the centre of the room.
Several pieces of furniture, such as the wing chairs in the sitting room, have followed the family around from the previous house.
Women in group sessions sit on high-back wing chairs or small rockers, not the nondescript seating one might find in most centers' group rooms.
We used black faux suede and the wrap-round detail is inspired by tradtional wing chairs.
Of course we've already got fancy steakhouses, but they've usually catered to the single male diner looking for an old-school gentleman's club atmosphere - leather wing chairs, a cigar after supper-type places.
A covered button of the same silk defines the base of each pleat, calling attention to the imposing appliques on the back of each of the cream slipcovered wing chairs that flank the fireplace.