wing nut

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or wing nut  (wĭng′nŭt)
1. A nut with winglike projections for thumb and forefinger leverage in turning. Also called thumbnut.
2. Slang
a. A person with extreme or fanatical political views.
b. A crazy or eccentric person.

[Senses 2a and 2b influenced by wing, faction.]

wing nut

(Mechanical Engineering) a threaded nut tightened by hand by means of two flat lugs or wings projecting from the central body. Also called: butterfly nut

wing′ nut`

a nut having two flat, widely projecting pieces such that it can be readily tightened with the thumb and forefinger.
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Noun1.wing nut - any tree of the genus Pterocarya; fruit is a small winged nutlet; Caucasus to southeastern Asia
genus Pterocarya, Pterocarya - Asiatic nut trees: wing nuts
Caucasian walnut, Pterocarya fraxinifolia - medium-sized Caucasian much-branched tree distinguished from other walnut trees by its winged fruit
nut tree - tree bearing edible nuts
2.wing nut - a threaded nut with winglike projections for thumb and forefinger leverage in turningwing nut - a threaded nut with winglike projections for thumb and forefinger leverage in turning
nut - a small (usually square or hexagonal) metal block with internal screw thread to be fitted onto a bolt
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Charged sodium ions hover above and below the plane of the porphyrin, and a wing nut associates with each of these as well.
A traditional flower press is made from two book-size sheets of plywood fastened in each corner with a bolt and wing nut for tightening and loosening.
com is collecting stories of online sourcing experiences gone bad, like the wing nut that took three days and 30 manufacturers to find, or the wild goose chase and random Web site that one particular item search sent you to.
From the base, the technician can use an assortment of short and long tubes, turnbuckles, locking wing nut assemblies, mounting plates, clamps and bolts to build a secure connection up to the vehicle.
Maybe Rage did plant some sensible ideas in this extreme fringe right wing nut job," Morello said.
Customers most commonly ask company to supply wing nut type lugs, lid gaskets, baskets and basket handles.
Also, make sure the wing nut is tight and the ground-wire lug is mated metal-to-metal with both the generator frame or trailer and any washers in use.
Wing nut and clamp assembly provides a more precise and reliable clamping assembly.
The gantry is then put in position under spring tension with the use of a screw and wing nut and then pinned in place.
Anyway, plan for tomorrow is find brushes, unpack canvas, work out how to stop the easel falling over the moment I take my hand off that gigantic wing nut that's supposed to hold it together and re-arrange my study to make a space to stand it in.
Here in California, the recall election fiasco has brought out a flock of wing nut candidates for governor.
The gag-assembly should not use a nylock nut or wing nut.