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Adj.1.wing-shaped - having or resembling wingswing-shaped - having or resembling wings    
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
winged - having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";
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SuperFoilers feature 'foils', or wing-shaped pieces of carbon fibre, under the hull, enabling the boats to lift out of the water, and travel at speeds of more than 80 kilometres per hour.
The MG RX5 boasts an attractive, futuristic design that is instantly recognisable, notably at the front where the stylish square LED headlamps, imposing wing-shaped grille and innovative foglamps endow it with real on-the-road presence.
The CR-V's front-end design elements include aggressively styled headlights surrounded by wing-shaped LED Day Time Running Light (DRL) array on all grades.
Its most distinguishing features are its sweeping back that ends in dramatically flared wing-shaped arms, and the inner back that is button tufted.
Broughton Shopping Park owner Hercules Unit Trust want to erect the two aircraft-inspired eating places on the retail site - with the restaurants being wing-shaped in homage to the aircraft giant.
The model features crisp and sharp front-end design elements, aggressive stylised headlights surrounded by a wing-shaped LED DRL array on all trims, wide, muscular wheel arches, long bonnet, longer wheelbase, short rear overhang and dual exhausts, signature Honda LED headlights (Touring trim), a Honda-first Active Shutter Grille that lowers aerodynamic drag and narrower A-pillars.
The design contract was won by Oslo based, Narud Stokke Wiig Architects which proposed a wing-shaped structure that will be connected to the existing facility.
At the front there's the new Vauxhall family wing-shaped horizontal grille and a cleaned up front section with fewer plastic inserts.
Sheikh Mohammed approved the designs of metro stations for Route 2020, including the wing-shaped iconic station.
So while you make the car narrower and shorter, there's only so much you can do about the height, meaning the car loses its ideal egg-shaped or wing-shaped aerodynamic profile.
Large, boomerang-style lights and wing-shaped daytime running lights add drama to the Tourer's face, along with a double mesh grille, while the cabin, with its soft touch surfaces and durable fabrics, has an executive feel.
20 ( ANI ): One or more fragments could have gotten detached from comet ISON in the past days, as two wing-shaped features in the comet's atmosphere suggest.