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Possible to win or achieve: a winnable election campaign; winnable games.

win′na·bil′i·ty n.


(ˈwɪn ə bəl)

capable of being won: a winnable war.


adjzu gewinnen pred
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This was the same gut feel I had when I and many other friends did our best to convince then Mayor Rody Duterte to take a stab at the Presidency because we felt that he was really winnable,' the secretary wrote.
Now we have three winnable games before New Year, starting with Vale of Leithen at Islecroft who we beat last month.
THE Government has insisted the bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup is still winnable despite a review recommending South Africa.
And, with what he terms "a couple of winnable games" coming up against Brighton on Sunday and Liverpool the following weekend, Barton suggests Newcastle could extend their winning run further.
They also claim that members who were interested in standing for the winnable council seat were not notified.
The party has to pick candidates for 101 seats for the 2018 elections, of which about twothirds are thought winnable, meaning many will be left disappointed.
Disseminate good data and fight winnable battles are among the top lessons that the nation's chief public health officer wishes he had known when he first became a health officer.
Wednesday: "The next four are all winnable but Wednesday have not always coped with winnable games in the best manner.
THE Tote Pick6 takes in Navan today and it would appear a winnable target, with Call Me Pj looking banker material in the opener (2.
Lord Dafydd Wigley says he's confident, two months ahead of the general election, that the party's three target seats are winnable.
There are aspirations to get a big tie but, for me, the carrot is the chance of a winnable game and going further.
But he stressed that the tie is still a winnable one for his side, who beat Billingham Synthonia 3-1 in the first round at the weekend.