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1. A deciduous shrub or small tree (Ilex verticillata), the most widespread of North American hollies, growing in many variable forms from eastern Canada south to Texas and Florida and having bright red berries. Also called black alder.
2. Any of several other North American hollies, especially Ilex laevigata, having red berries.


n, pl -ries
1. (Plants) a species of N American deciduous holly, Ilex verticillata, which produces red berries in winter
2. (Plants) the red berry of this plant


(ˈwɪn tərˌbɛr i)

n., pl. -ries.
any of several tall North American hollies, having red berries.
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Noun1.winterberry - deciduous shrub of southeastern and central United Stateswinterberry - deciduous shrub of southeastern and central United States
holly - any tree or shrub of the genus Ilex having red berries and shiny evergreen leaves with prickly edges
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I planted three fruiting winterberries along with a single non-fruiting male, positioned on the edge of the display.
In one of Hausner's trademark symmetries, Henriette will again assemble a bouquet, a little over an hour later in the film--branches bearing red winterberries, suggesting the mortality with which she is now faced, having been diagnosed with an incurable if indeterminate disease.
The Winterberries (Ilex verticillata cultivars) are leaf-droppers, the better to flaunt their heavy clusters of large bright red berries.
Winterberries and Apple Blossoms: Reflections and Flavors of a Mennonite Year
The Zucker Shrub Sampler boasts viburnums, winterberries and hawthorns, and kiwis mature near the main building on the grounds.