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1. to sway or cause to sway from side to side
2. to tumble or capsize or cause to tumble or capsize
a stagger or unsteady movement


(ˈwɪn tl)

v.i. -tled, -tling. Scot.
1. to roll or swing back and forth.
2. to tumble over; capsize.
[1775–85; < early Dutch windtelen (Dutch wentelen) to revolve, frequentative of winden to wind2]
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The Alex looked on course for a vital and surprise three points after Callum Ainley's double and a Ryan Wintle strike put them in charge early in the second half.
Rank: Private Regiment: Cheshire Regiment Age: 35 Date of death: 23-2-1919 Buried at: Cardiff (Cathays) Cemetery Albert James Wintle Son of Mr AJ and Mrs MH Wintle, of 30 Inglefield Avenue; husband of Lily Wintle, of 3 Church Street, Hunstanton, Norfolk.
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The Image of Europe: Visualizing Europe in Cartography and Iconography Throughout the Ages, by Michael Wintle.
We thank the Rev, David Wintle for a lovely service; the Doctors Ward, Exon and Ezaat, the community nurses and the care bureau for the care given over the past few years.
Wintle, Jake Gibbons and Dane Mason added further Saltney goals in the second stanza with Andrew Watkins replying twice for the outgunned visitors.
But he turned red and began foaming at the mouth as tutor Pauline Wintle slapped his back.
As Justin Wintle puts it in the preface to Perfect Hostage, his biography of Aung San Suu Kyi: "Without a regular flow of dependable, nonpartisan information about it, any country can go to the dogs unseen.
Understandably Mr Wintle has devoted a lot of space to background analysis and Burmese history.