wire cutter

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Noun1.wire cutter - an edge tool used in cutting wirewire cutter - an edge tool used in cutting wire  
edge tool - any cutting tool with a sharp cutting edge (as a chisel or knife or plane or gouge)
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Police were told of the incident after a tip-off and following an investigation of the area they found a wire cutter, cut cables and a small wooden ladder, one rung of which was burned.
An ideal wire cutter for jewelry-making that employs bypass cutting to produce a clean, square cut and features a built-in cut wire retainer for user convenience and safety has been introduced by Xuron Corp.
Now shorten the screw using a wire cutter, hacksaw, whatever.
An integrated wire cutter allows the user to trim conductors prior to each connection without changing tools.
The line-up includes powerful stem cutting tools like the Professional Grade Stem Cutter which requires 4 times less force to cut artificial stems than the standard wire cutter.
A wire cutter doesn't ruin bullets except cosmetically, leaving a little dimple-cut on either side of the bullet.
Among the equipment and inventory are: 46 fleet vehicles, including vans, trucks and a bucket truck; hundreds of DeWalt and Hilti power tools and accessories; a huge inventory of new electrical supply parts and security monitoring equipment; fiber optic testing equipment; a PDA operated timelock; a propane fueled forklift; five large generators; wire cutter and wire stripper less than 6 months old; light fixtures; range hoods; fans; HON office furniture and artwork in like new condition; computers, servers, cell phones, phone systems and more.
The recoveries include two Chinese pistols, anti-tank missile rifles, two mortar bombs, two Chinese grenades, explosive sticks, one compass, one radio set, a wire cutter, two letters and a rucksack.
The concertina wire cutter is a one-handed, multipurpose cutter that makes short work of just about any type of heavy-duty wire.
Some coat hangers were thinner and easier to cut with a wire cutter.