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Michigan handler Doug Belter's candidates this year include a Wire Fox Terrier and a Beagle, with whom he drove for 11 hours to get to New York.
Name the white wire fox terrier who accompanies Tin-Tin on his adventures?
Best in Show prize was won last year by Sky, a wire fox terrier from California.
The prime contenders: Sky the wire fox terrier, Matisse the Portuguese water dog, Swagger the old English sheepdog, Riley the Irish water spaniel and the Fifinator, a Doberman who has her own Facebook page.
2000), Wire fox terrier (Howard, and Bowles, 1988) and Golden retriever (Cornegliani and Ghibaudo, 1999).
But Brussels has alongside its famous, preposterous figurine of a urinating toddler, umpteen murals devoted to a boy hack and his two companions - a white wire fox terrier called Snowy and the ever-thirsty Captain Haddock.
Sophie Gets Curtains" is the charming story of a growing wire fox terrier whose family surprises her with a new dog house to reward her for passing her 2-year-old puppy test.
Also competing for the title was: German shepherd Elmo, who won the pastoral group; boxer Max, who won the Working Group; wire fox terrier Henry, who won the Best Terrier category; Theo, a standard poodle, who took first place in the Utility group; and Eric, a bishon frise which won the Toy category.
Theatre bosses said today there was no link between the accident and the death of Sly Fox, a 13-year-old wire fox terrier.
Wire fox terrier Payback has shown that stepping out into the public eye just weeks after giving birth is not just the preserve of rich and famous women.
Reserve Best in Show dog, in second place, was the wire Fox Terrier El-Rays Snowtaire Iceni Payback, owned by Barbara Becker and Phil Davies, of Swansea.
Margo Slaughter of Eugene said she visited Piccioni after noticing the gait of her 7-year-old wire fox terrier, Asta, was slightly askew.