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adj. wir·i·er, wir·i·est
1. Of or relating to wire.
2. Resembling wire in form or quality, especially in stiffness: wiry red hair.
3. Sinewy and lean: He had a wiry build.
4. Produced by or as if by wire being vibrated. Used of sounds: a wiry tone.

wir′i·ly adv.
wir′i·ness n.
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Noun1.wiriness - the property of being lean and tough and sinewy
leanness, spareness, thinness - the property of having little body fat
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All his former feral wiriness gone thanks to the drinking, his features looked doughy and swollen, while that now toothless mouth resembled more a vandalised letter box each time he grinned.
It's a heady brew of breezy '70s-style Laurel Canyon-type guitar pop, Krautrock's relentless metronomic rhythms and Television's post-punk wiriness, all topped of with Tweedy's achingly gorgeous singing voice.
He has certainly gotten old - at 60, he has lost the wiriness of his youth.