wishful thinker

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Noun1.wishful thinker - a person who escapes into a world of fantasywishful thinker - a person who escapes into a world of fantasy
daydreamer, woolgatherer - someone who indulges in idle or absentminded daydreaming
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expected almw I thought he was pulling my leg or was just being a wishful thinker.
Unfortunately, wishful thinker that I am, I had it in my head on the night we went that it was closer to the weekend than it was, so what I thought was Wednesday was in fact Tuesday.
4) Now surely the wishful thinker cannot do this; he or she may continue believing in p, even after ample or good evidence opposes it, and this depends on the strength and intensity of the belief.
Looking ahead in telecom, only a wishful thinker would expect boom times and heady business valuations to return within any real-world planning horizon.
Only a wishful thinker would suggest that if - as expected - Burberry shuts down its Treorchy plant and sheds 300 jobs it will be the last employer to chase cheap labour overseas.
Where Kinnock fitted in was that they could say, 'He's hot headed, foolishly romantic, he doesn't understand economics because he's a wishful thinker, he doesn't understand the world as it is'.
Elsey's mount, Susan's Dowry, who finished second, was found to have interfered with Wishful Thinker, who in turn interfered with Pennys From Heaven.
30 Members Race: 1, DR DEDUCTIBLE (R Brown) 6-4; 2, Crevamoy (J Galbraith) 5-2, 3, Wishful Thinker (Miss K Scott) 12-1; 4 ran, 7, 15.
Having won the seller at Newcastle with Miss Equinox, trainer Nigel Tinkler completed a plating double with Wishful Thinker in the maiden seller.
The winner completed an across-the-card double for trainer Nigel Tinkler, also on the mark with Wishful Thinker in the first race at Redcar.
Or if you're a wishful thinker who can't bear the thought of a horse taking a tumble, you can stake your money at 500-1 on none of them falling during the entire meeting.
Wishful Thinker can continue Brian Meehan's good form with a win in the Virgin Atlantic Cargo Maiden Stakes (7.