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1. The members of the witenagemot in Anglo-Saxon England.
2. The witenagemot.

[Old English, pl. of wita, councilor; see witenagemot.]


(in Anglo-Saxon England) n
1. (Historical Terms) an assembly of higher ecclesiastics and important laymen, including king's thegns, that met to counsel the king on matters such as judicial problems
2. (Historical Terms) the members of this assembly
Also: witenagemot
[Old English witan, plural of wita wise man; see wit2, witness]


(ˈwɪt n, -ɑn)

1. the members of the Anglo-Saxon national advisory council or witenagemot.
2. the witenagemot.
[1800–10; < Old English, pl. of wita one who knows, councilor; akin to wit2]
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Once a year all of the witans of the kingdom met together in a grand council called the witangemot.
The Viking witan was called the thing and met at the call of any freeman.
The origins of the Lords date to the 11th century when Saxon kings held meetings called Witans with landowners.