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 (wĭth-drô′, wĭth-)
v. with·drew (-dro͞o′), with·drawn (-drôn′), with·draw·ing, with·draws
a. To take back or away; remove: withdrew his hand from the cookie jar.
b. To cause to leave or return: The government withdrew its diplomats from the capital.
c. To remove (money) from an account.
d. To turn away (one's gaze, for example).
e. To draw aside: withdrew the curtain.
a. To remove from consideration or participation: withdrew her application; withdrew his son from the race.
b. To recall or retract: withdrew the accusation.
a. To move or draw back; retire: The lawyers withdrew to the judge's chambers.
b. To leave or return, as from a military position.
a. To remove oneself from active participation: withdrew from the competition.
b. To become detached from social or emotional involvement: After the snubbing, he withdrew into a shell.
3. To recall or remove a motion from consideration in parliamentary procedure.
a. To discontinue the use of a drug or other substance, especially one that is addictive.
b. To react physiologically and mentally to this discontinuance, often while experiencing distressing symptoms.

[Middle English withdrawen : with, away from; see with + drawen, to pull; see draw.]

with·draw′a·ble adj.
with·draw′er n.
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Noun1.withdrawer - an authority who withdraws permission
authority - (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others; "the authorities have issued a curfew"
2.withdrawer - an individualist who withdraws from social interaction
individualist - a person who pursues independent thought or action
3.withdrawer - a drug addict who is discontinuing the use of narcotics
drug addict, junkie, junky - a narcotics addict
4.withdrawer - a contestant who withdraws from competition
contestant - a person who participates in competitions
5.withdrawer - a student who withdraws from the educational institution in which he or she was enrolled
educatee, pupil, student - a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution
6.withdrawer - a depositor who withdraws funds previously deposited
depositor - a person who has deposited money in a bank or similar institution
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Overhauling and complete fitting of 11 KV Biecco Lawrie panel withdrawer portion for supplying to 11 No.
This is seen in the restructuring phase of EFCT in which the withdrawer is invited to engage his or her partner, rather than focusing on the hurt he or she has experienced, and the blamer is brought to the point where, instead of feeling anger and contempt for his or her partner, he or she begins to feel and express compassion and understanding.
By Dau Reng April 5, 2010 -- I was disappointed by the withdrawer of the people's movement political party candidate for the Republic of the Sudan from the upcoming election.
A solution in this case is for the junior withdrawer to compensate the senior for increasing the well depth or transferring water from the junior's own well.
The city of Searcy is currently the only major water withdrawer along the Little Red, aside from a handful of farmers and landowners who are permitted to use the trout stream's water for irrigation, according to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.