without breakfast

without breakfast 
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I'faith, colonel," said D'Artagnan, "we are very grateful for your gracious invitation; for without you we ran the risk of going without dinner, as we have without breakfast.
And how," said Harrison, laughing, "did this serious calamity of going without breakfast happen to you?
Once, soon after his arrival in London, he had allowed a dangerous fanatic to persuade him that the secret of health was to go without breakfast.
We have to go to work without breakfast,' said Nasir Mir, the PPP city spokesman, who lives in Dhoke Ratta.
It'll keep them full on days when they've forgotten to eat or have to rush out to a meeting without breakfast.
The residents of these areas are in severe trouble because their kids goes to school without breakfast.
As a result residents went without breakfast and, the report revealed, concerns about staffing struggles led other healthcare professionals visiting the home to raise concerns.
I've seen this wave of rising poverty at first hand - weary primary school children arriving in their classroom without breakfast and homes without even a cooker for a hot meal.
Taking coffee alone without breakfast aggravates it further by boosting the metabolism without any replenishment of nutrients.
Inside, things aren't much cheerier, as Pug Man--who seriously overslept--faces a solitary day without breakfast, without coffee.