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also wo·ful  (wō′fəl)
1. Affected by or full of woe; mournful: feeling woeful.
2. Causing, involving, or expressing woe: a woeful situation; woeful eyes.
3. Deplorably bad: woeful errors in judgment.

woe′ful·ly adv.
woe′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.woefulness - intense mournfulness
mournfulness, ruthfulness, sorrowfulness - a state of gloomy sorrow
أسى، تَعاسَه، بُؤْس، حُزْن شَديد


(wəu) noun
(a cause of) grief or misery. He has many woes; He told a tale of woe.
ˈwoeful adjective
miserable; unhappy. a woeful expression.
ˈwoefully adverb
ˈwoefulness noun
ˈwoebegone (-bigon) adjective
sad-looking. a woebegone face.
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Sunderland took full advantage and had they failed to do so, they'd have slumped to a new level of woefulness.
Those worried about the impact of having a Galactico being in our national side was hardly dispelled by defeats in Macedonia and Serbia - not even the woefulness of the Scots saving us from the ignominy of being at the base of the group.
But it was not in the same bracket of woefulness as that rainy Sunday almost two years ago.
DID They were disabused of that notion after just four minutes when Warnock's woefulness and Dyer's directness resulted in Swansea scoring the opening goal in a comfortable 2-0 away win.
However, co-owners Venkatash and Balaji Rao had to leave at half-time against Wigan such was the abuse from supporters and they can surely tolerate woefulness only for so long.
Given the run of only a couple of victories in eight games, Boro's self-confidence was startling, even taking into account the woefulness of Villa's first-half football.
But its woefulness reached new levels during that first-half stretch, when the Beavers saw a 12-9 lead shift into a 23-12 deficit.
But neither side could blame the man in the middle for the woefulness of what they produced.
Often, it is a case of great success or woefulness for the Bruins.
Freshened by two substitutions, there was no doubting the Quakers' second-half commitment but it only highlighted the woefulness of a performance littered with wasted possession and defensive errors.