wolf down

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Verb1.wolf down - eat hastily; "The teenager wolfed down the pizza"
eat - take in solid food; "She was eating a banana"; "What did you eat for dinner last night?"
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Address : Wolf Down 5 of 5, 02-798 Warsaw province.
If you have a deep-chested breed, or your dog has a tendency to wolf down food in seconds, there are bowls specially designed to help slow them down a bit at meal times.
With every bowl of shark fin soup you wolf down, you are delivering one more death blow to our eco-system.
The Street's midwife Marcus said: "I've been asked for a picture while trying to deal with my two-year-old having a tantrum or trying to wolf down a sandwich in my only 10-minute break.
I DON'T chuck out much food but then I have two waste disposal units, otherwise known as Polly and Lady B, who happily wolf down any leftovers.
It's so light it takes about three seconds to wolf down, so you'll need willpower not to demolish the entire four-pack in one go.
Dogs in particular will quickly wolf down any food left lying around.
London, Oct 2 (ANI): People who wolf down their food are twice as likely to develop impaired glucose tolerance, known as pre-diabetes, according to a new study.
Pets that are allowed to wolf down cake, biscuits, cheese and even hamburgers are much more likely to develop a serious disease and never reach old age.
Unlike Childs' gnashers after the video to their first single Candyfloss in which he and Blake had to wolf down 16 plates of the stuff in one sitting.
It's all pretty standard Schwarzenegger stuff as Brewer takes first to the South American jungle and later Washington DC to track the Wolf down.
They're all doggies (so it isn't rude) / For slick Dalmatians to wolf down fast food.