wolf pup

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Noun1.wolf pup - a young wolf
young mammal - any immature mammal
wolf - any of various predatory carnivorous canine mammals of North America and Eurasia that usually hunt in packs
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The story follows a young boy named Two Birds who cares for an abandoned wolf pup.
In like manner, the two encounter an accordion playing raccoon, a fiddle playing rabbit, and last of all, a determined wolf pup who struggled to find an instrument to fit his talents.
So, to fill this need, Wolf Run Village established Wolf Pup Daycare center, a facility with enough capacity to care for nearly 200 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.
More cuddly than fierce, the tawny brown and white Wolf Pup puppet is fresh from the den with fluffy, soft fur to keep both you and him warm this winter.
But with a wolf pup, achieving even close to the same fear reduction requires 24-hour contact starting before age three weeks, and even then you won't get the same attachment or lack of fear," she added.
In "The Games of Night," a boy, bitten by a hummingbird and a wolf pup, begins to display alarming and insatiable appetites.
Olliff said that in recent years a seasonAAEs entire wolf pup production was lost to canine distemper or parvo.
WILD TALES (E) Ten episodes of the natural history series, with cheetah cubs, a wolf pup and a polar bear cub.
An exciting mountain rescue, beautiful descriptions of the landscape of northern New Mexico, and a brave, likable heroine who is raising a beloved wolf pup as a pet are all part of this debut novel.
In Alaska's Gates of the Arctic National Park, a wolf pup stalks the twitching tail of a sleeping adult.
We can choose to become involved with the staff to learn more about wolf pups, so we can 'hike, howl, canoe and join the wolf pup staff .
Two Illinois canids were brought in for necropsy in August 2002: 1) a 3-month-old female wolf pup, which died after 2 days of lethargy, depression, and irritability that progressed to anorexia, weakness, ataxia, and blindness and 2) an overweight 8-year-old castrated male Irish Setter-Golden Retriever mixed breed dog that was euthanized in moribund condition after a 7-day illness.