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Noun1.Woman hater - a misanthrope who dislikes women in particularwoman hater - a misanthrope who dislikes women in particular
misanthrope, misanthropist - someone who dislikes people in general
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Leading forensic psychologist Dr Ian Stephen told the South Wales Argus during his trial for that offence that Grewal was "a psychopath and a woman hater who will feel no sorrow for what he has done".
the victim's heartbroken family will now be spared the trauma of a trial following 46-year-old fantasist Sharp's plea, we can reveal how he: HAS a history of previous convictions for crimes against women IS a twisted woman hater disowned by his own daughter and step-father SPOOKED out Catherine, forcing her to check into a hotel as she felt uncomfortable when he called to see Irish flatmate Jane Doyle - Sharp's ex girlfriend HAD a spare key to the flat, and IS believed to have murdered her when Jane travelled back to Ireland, before cutting up her remains.
David Alwin and Elisa Criado, both third-year students on the BA Acting course, will perform a scene from The Woman Hater by Beaumont Fletcher on March 21 in front of an audience of casting agents, artistic directors, friends, family and the general public, alongside other students from many of the UK's leading drama schools.
I asked him if he was a woman hater, "no", he said, "I am a hater of vile behaviour".
Joseph Millson also makes a welcome return to the company to play the self-confessed woman hater Benedick.
Personation in less narrowly satirical contexts, in The Roaring Girl, Swetnam the Woman Hater, and A Game At Chess, tended to fit more closely with the idea of the text as an (authorless) event rather than a Jonsonian text, though The Whore of Babylon's text is presented as a poem, complete with Jonsonian annotations.
To me, such a final dismissal of Bigger as little more than a "narcissistic" woman hater (Mootry 117-18) or the angry flip side of Uncle Tom (Baldwin 22) is both too harsh and too simplistic, especially given the ambiguity of this exchange with Max and, more importantly, Bigger's last three concerns before his execution.
Woman hater Marc Lapin ran amok, killing 14 female students and wounding 13 others before shooting himself.