Power in terms of the women available to a particular group or required for a particular task.


1. (Sociology) the power or authority of women
2. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) the number of women available or required to perform a particular function


(ˈwʊm ənˌpaʊ ər)

the women who make up a potential or actual labor force.
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Womanpower Unlimited and the Black Freedom Struggle in Mississippi.
The Plumbing and Energy Cooperation Society trains and prepares qualified and competitive womanpower in the plumbing profession by raising awareness and educating local communities about the importance of house maintenance and plumbing, as well as conducting water conservation sessions for women and school students.
Concurrent with the United States's womanpower campaign, one can imagine here the popular image of Rosie the Riveter or Winnie the Welder, physically strong and patriotic wartime projections of the female worker in "masculine" guise.
Concentrated womanpower applied to the digital transformation will be presented at "The Women's Leadership Table", where leading women in the sector, such as Sarah Mansfield (Unilever), Nicola Mendelsohn (Facebook), and Nikki Mendonca (OMD), will discuss the topic "Diversity, New Leadership & New Talents".
They have seen her grow from nobody - who did not have enough for two square meals a day - to somebody of substance by way of money and womanpower.
World War II figures centrally, both in her book and in Searching for Scientific Womanpower, as a period when women were not only allowed through doors formerly closed or very, very sticky, but actively encouraged and recruited: because the men were at war, industry and research had to be accomplished in new ways.
The point I wish to make so far is that the institution's lifeblood is to be found in the culture and the education of four generations that have put the interest of the country and its womanpower foremost in the national agenda.
When you start coming into a fire of this magnitude it is the manpower and the womanpower you need to help work a fire,'' Chief Hickey said.
The military needs the womanpower, and what better way to fill combat roles than to piously cite equal opportunity to justify placing women who signed up under the old rules on the front lines.
1-9; Grace Harriet Macurdy, Hellenistic queens: A study of womanpower in Macedonia, Seleucid Syria, and Ptolemaic Egypt (Baltimore: John Hopkins University, 1932); Michiko Y.
Paul Wolfowitz, former deputy secretary of defense, clearly recognizes the truth about the environment in which the integrated US military operates: "As we consider the issue of womanpower in the service today it's not just a matter of women being entitled to serve this country.