woman of letters

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woman of letters

n. pl. women of letters
A woman who is devoted to literary or scholarly pursuits: "[Eva Le Gallienne] was ... a woman of letters who produced forcefully elegant translations of Ibsen and Hans Christian Andersen" (Margo Jefferson).

wom′an of let′ters

a woman engaged in literary or scholarly pursuits.
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Last year witnessed the deaths of an unusual number of notable men and women of letters.
Bronzino circulated among a small cultural elite in Florence that included fellow artists, men and women of letters, craftsmen, members of the Accademia Fiorentina, and members of Cosimo I's court.
Les Mots des femmes is a series of ten biographical essays on prominent French women of letters from the early eighteenth to the late twentieth century, followed by a provocative meditation on "French singularity" as it pertains to women.

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