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A marvelous or miraculous act, work, or achievement; a marvel.

won′der·work′er n.
won′der·work′ing adj.


something done or made that excites wonder; miracle or wonder
ˈwonder-ˌworker n
ˈwonder-ˌworking n, adj


(ˈwʌn dərˌwɜrk)

a wonderful work or deed; marvel; miracle.
[before 1000]
References in classic literature ?
The very pipe, in which burned the spell of all this wonderwork, ceased to appear as a smoke-blackened earthen stump, and became a meerschaum, with painted bowl and amber mouthpiece.
The lack of critical-care physicians and surgeons is particularly severe in low-income countries--"the biggest global health problem no one has ever heard of," said Brian Mullaney, founder of WonderWork, a charity that provides surgeries for children who are blind, burned or have clubfoot.
He sponsored the arts, pursued social reform, constructed aqueducts, transformed the capital into a wonderwork of marble and - critically - brought peace to the city's citizens.
What a triumph they achieved: one of the greatest concert halls in the world, housing the premiere of a wonderwork from the world's greatest living composer.
Stirton was introduced to WonderWork by Blue Chalk Media, a visual communications company, which is bringing the creative resources together to tell this important story.
DISPLAY specialist The Wonderworks has completed a Christmas commission from a top shopping centre.
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In addition to running her own 200-plus person real estate firm and spearheading its successful growth, she has led a number of other successful business ventures, and has been a large gift donor for a number healthcare organizations, active investor in Broadway theatre, and serves as a venture capital partner in the WonderWorks attraction in Orlando.
He's an owner of a bunch of other businesses, including a bank, several hotels, a casino in Biloxi, a portable toilet company, and Wonderworks, that upsidedown building in Orlando that houses an indoor amusement park.
And consulting firms such as WonderWorks now exist to support organizations through the transition.
In addition to the theme parks, customers can check out any of Smart Destinations' other attraction partners in the greater Orlando area, including the famous Kennedy Space Center, Gatorland, and Wonderworks.