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A marvelous or miraculous act, work, or achievement; a marvel.

won′der·work′er n.
won′der·work′ing adj.
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Adj.1.wonderworking - performing or able to perform wonders or miracles
extraordinary - beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable; "extraordinary authority"; "an extraordinary achievement"; "her extraordinary beauty"; "enjoyed extraordinary popularity"; "an extraordinary capacity for work"; "an extraordinary session of the legislature"
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The tradition had handed down images of Christ's wonderworking abilities before the official first miracle at Cana: his hanging jugs on sunbeams, killing disagreeable playmates and grudgingly resurrecting them at Joseph's behest, infusing life into clay birds on the Sabbath, lengthening wooden items for disgruntled customers in Joseph's carpenter's shop, and other actions even less reconcilable with divine goodness, not to mention, biblical accounts.
1913), 160; and Wahram i warzawand nam "a kay of the den (kay-ew i denig), called the wonderworking Wahram" (Zand i Wahman Yasn 7.
Such objects--saints' relics and wonderworking images--did of course also generate revenue, but their meaning and role for the monastic community and the wider society could be much richer than that.