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A large burrowing rodent (Marmota monax) of northern and eastern North America, having a short-legged, heavyset body and grizzled brownish fur. Also called groundhog; also called regionally whistle pig.

[By folk etymology, probably of New England Algonquian origin.]
Word History: The woodchuck goes by several names in the United States. One is groundhog, the name under which legends about the animal's emergence from the ground on Groundhog Day have accrued. The word groundhog probably makes reference to the animal's excellent burrowing abilities. In the Appalachian Mountains, the woodchuck is known as a whistle pig, in reference to the shrill whistle it makes when disturbed. The word woodchuck is probably a folk etymology of a word in an Algonquian language of New England akin to the Narragansett word for the animal, ockqutchaun. English-speaking settlers in North America probably heard the Algonquian term and reinterpreted the first part of it as wood, which seemed to make sense in the name of an animal that often lives on the edges of woodland and in open wooded areas.


(Animals) a North American marmot, Marmota monax, having coarse reddish-brown fur. Also called: groundhog
[C17: by folk etymology from Cree otcheck fisher, marten]



a stocky North American burrowing rodent, Marmota monax, that hibernates in the winter. Also called groundhog.
[1665–75, Amer.; presumably a reshaping by folk etym. of a word in a Southern New England Algonquian language]
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Noun1.woodchuck - reddish brown North American marmotwoodchuck - reddish brown North American marmot
marmot - stocky coarse-furred burrowing rodent with a short bushy tail found throughout the northern hemisphere; hibernates in winter


[ˈwʊdtʃʌk] Nmarmota f de América GROUNDHOG DAY


[ˈwʊdˌtʃʌk] nmarmotta americana
References in classic literature ?
Think, Natty, how I should triumph over that quizzing dog, Dick Jones, who has failed seven times already this season, and has only brought in one woodchuck and a few gray squirrels.
As if one were to wear any sort of coat which the tailor might cut out for him, or, gradually leaving off palm-leaf hat or cap of woodchuck skin, complain of hard times because he could not afford to buy him a crown
Fox and woodchuck, hawk and snipe and bittern, when nearly seen, have no more root in the deep world than man, and are just such superficial tenants of the globe.
There aren't any mice or woodchucks in that hole, so don't be foolish.
Should he wish to land, it is merely because he has seen a large flight of landrails or plovers, of wild ducks, teal, widgeon, or woodchucks, which fall an easy pray to net or gun.
The farmers and their works are scarcely more obvious than woodchucks and their burrows.
5, Perry County deputies responded to another deer-involved accident on Pyatt-Cutler Road near Woodchuck Road.
Peanutbutter, running for governor of California against a seasoned, policy-smart, and dignified woodchuck.
Bemoaning the disappearance of the family farm, a modern distaste for possum, federal penalties for shooting hawks, and the general demise of the woodchuck makes about as much sense as whining that we don't do things the way the Edwardians did.
Late Fall Song': Not yet winter but new snow overnight, / and late sleep-in like the burrowed woodchuck.
Woodchuck also got in on the fun and can be seen passed out next to a bottle of champagne.
By what other name in the United States is the whistlepig or woodchuck known?