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A stupid person; a blockhead.

wood′en-head′ed adj.
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Adj.1.wooden-headed - (used informally) stupidwooden-headed - (used informally) stupid    
stupid - lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity


[ˈwʊdnˈhedɪd] ADJcabezahueca
References in classic literature ?
You're him that never bungled nothing, you wooden-headed lubber
There was one small place of rich promise in which their hopes were blighted, for a favourite character in the play having gold-lace upon his coat and being a meddling wooden-headed fellow was held to be a libel on the beadle, for which reason the authorities enforced a quick retreat; but they were generally well received, and seldom left a town without a troop of ragged children shouting at their heels.
What strange tales the wooden-headed old fellows could tell did they but choose to speak
Flora Casby had been the beloved of his boyhood; and Flora was the daughter and only child of wooden-headed old Christopher (so he was still occasionally spoken of by some irreverent spirits who had had dealings with him, and in whom familiarity had bred its proverbial result perhaps), who was reputed to be rich in weekly tenants, and to get a good quantity of blood out of the stones of several unpromising courts and alleys.
I can't help but think that the most bizarre and disheartening example of wooden-headed thinking was the flap surrounding the President's place of birth.
It's not real life, it's about silly wooden-headed puppets.
It may have been his chiselled looks and disturbingly precise manner that earned him the nickname, but it was his wooden-headed suggestion that parents should replace teachers during yesterday's strike that confirmed the aptness of the moniker.
The Affair serves, still, as a kind of political morality tale, in which wooden-headed reactionaries refused to acknowledge the truth--despite all the evidence to the contrary--and how, even when forced to admit error, they did so begrudgingly, without reflecting upon the values that had caused error and injustice in the first place.
This perverse, wooden-headed thinking defies belief.
Labour and Tory, an election pledge to quit Iraq and Afghanistan soon and certainly not in the next 30 years as some wooden-headed diplomat recently suggested.