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If I break you in, I'll be doing plenty of your work at first.
When to ten hours of actual work at a machine is added the noon hour; the walking to work and walking home from work; the getting up in the morning, dressing, and eating; the eating at night, undressing, and going to bed, there remains no more than the nine hours out of the twenty-four required by a healthy youngster for sleep.
Whose patience, fidelity, and hard work have gone far to make the work at Tuskegee successful.
It was most interesting to me to observe that wherever several bees had begun to excavate these basins near together, they had begun their work at such a distance from each other, that by the time the basins had acquired the above stated width (i.
Much of Megill's language and structure come from his academic training in philosophy, and while abstract reasoning is a satisfactory means of setting a background or tone for the real work at hand, the book never quite gets to the practical application of knowledge management.
Tens of thousands of people with HIV want to return to work at least part time but are afraid of losing medical benefits, or losing disability income and then being unable to work in the future.
I had first seen Rosenquist's work at Leo Castelli's gallery in 1966 and thought that his huge works like F-III, with their unlikely juxtapositions of images, took a very different approach to painting.
When individuals work at nontraditional hours, their bodies find themselves in time warps.
For example, if an employee expects to work at a temporary site on a project for only six months, it is irrelevant that the project is expected to last for more than one year.
The Mechanics' State Council, an early and powerful federation of California unions, lay the blame for the current economic depression, and the conditions of female degradation it had created, at the feet of Chinese labor: "Our young women are compelled to work at starvation prices, and are degraded by association with Chinamen in the workshops during their hours of labor.