work away

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w>work away

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We had a particularly hot time of it on that particular afternoon, and with no comfort but what we could get out of the fact that the peasants at work away up on the steep mountainsides above our heads were even worse off than we were.
If you don't trouble 'em, most of 'em'll work away underground for a lifetime an' spread out an' have little 'uns.
When I had come home from Caddy's while she was ill, I had often found Ada at work, and she had always put her work away, and I had never known what it was.
Work away, my dear, and help their mother keep these sons fit friends for an innocent creature like yourself; they will be the manlier men for it, I can assure you.
He has had this opportunity to work away for this period of time and he has taken this for the benefit of his family.
Then there are the times I get to work away which in itself can feel like a treat too.
The report reveals that in Birmingham only 10 per cent of employees in large citybased businesses are equipped to productively work away from their desks.
But he just needs to work away and I'm sure over the next few weeks you'll see him flying and back to his best.
Other perks are a PS2,325 "disturbance allowance" for staff having to work away from home on special projects, while some get up to PS684 a year for working from home.
THE ROBIN Digging the garden is a job I can't shirk So I get out the spade and start to work, I dig up the soil and work away well But soon a robin will appear I can always tell.
She seems to be getting better now - she's certainly well enough to work away last week and this week in the wheelchair.
Brendan said: "There are so many creative people in the area, working away in their workshops, sending work away all over the country, but not selling their work locally, and as one of them, I wanted to do something about it.