work shoe

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shoe - footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
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By leveraging Sierra Wireless IoT technologies, we were able to transform a simple work shoe into a smart device that can speed up response time to occupational accidents and is quickly gaining traction with international industrial companies.
BUT if your kind of work shoe needs to be more demanding in performance terms, this new Arran style at pounds 60 from Barbour will be just the job.
Michelin Footwear Technologies notes that comfort has been as important to its work shoe design as performance and safety.
These days, her standard work shoe is a 1-inch pump.
The new agreement provides a three step increase of $5 in the pension multiplier boosting the pension rate by the end of the three year agreement to as much as $58 for each year worked; rolls the current 22 cent COLA into the hourly wage rate; increases sickness and accident pay and life insurance; improves vacation allowances, dental and vision plans; provides two work shoe allowances of $100 each and a $200 tool allowance for maintenance employees.
The new Crocs[TM] Work shoe models, designed to meet workplace standards with a closed heel and toe design, offer professional styling and the ultimate comfort for footwear in the workplace.
On Sundays you can find Work Boot Warehouse at the Saugus Outdoor Swap Meet with plenty of bargains on work shoe closeouts.
Well established Shoe Store offering Birkenstock, LePlume and OSHA approved work shoes.
He was last seen wearing a black/navy short sleeve polo shirt, black cargo type trousers and yellow/brown work shoes.
It offers casual footwear and apparel; performance outdoor and athletic footwear and apparel; childrenEs footwear; industrial work shoes, boots and apparel; and uniform shoes and boots in the US, Canada and Europe.
With its premium line of casual culinary footwear, the Mozo brand will complement SFC's existing portfolio of athletic, casual, dress and work shoes.