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(ˈwɜrkˌbæs kɪt, -ˌbɑ skɪt)

a basket used to hold needlework paraphernalia.
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Noun1.workbasket - container for holding implements and materials for work (especially for sewing)
container - any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another)
sewing basket - a workbasket in which sewing materials can be stored


[ˈwɜːkˌbɑːskɪt] Nneceser m de costura
References in classic literature ?
I bought the flowers from an old German woman who always had more window plants than anyone else, and spent an afternoon trimming a little workbasket.
I have a letter somewhere," looking in the machine drawer and finding the letter in the bottom of the workbasket.
I do NOT like patchwork," said Anne dolefully, hunting out her workbasket and sitting down before a little heap of red and white diamonds with a sigh.
And Meg whisked out her workbasket, for she had agreed with her mother that it was best, for her at least, not to drive too often with the young gentleman.
Seeing that he had chosen history she fetched her workbasket, drew up an arm-chair to the green-shaded student lamp, and uncovered a cushion she was embroidering for his sofa.
Then having recourse to her workbasket, in excuse for leaning down her face, and concealing all the exquisite feelings of delight and entertainment which she knew she must be expressing, she added, "Well, now tell me every thing; make this intelligible to me.
If you would allow your nephew to look after Lady Stutfield's cloak, you might help me with my workbasket.
In a happy compromise between her two states of existence, she had already become, with her workbasket before her, the equably vivacious companion with a slight judicious flavouring of information, when the Billickin announced herself.
A reference to Frankenstein's basket in Shelley's novel, which holds the female mate's remains to be thrown into the ocean, the workbasket in Patchwork Girl also points to the recycle bin function on the desktop, a repository holding the patchwork girl's remains.
Drilling, resin insertion and bolting can all be performed from the operator's boom-mounted basket, with canopies providing additional protection to the operator in both the driving and workbasket positions.
While the indices omit certain genres of periodicals, such as specialized needlework magazines like Workbasket, local farming and ranching magazines with homemaker columns, and syndicated columns in newspapers, they have the advantage of providing a consistent, accessible, and replicable index.
I have several boxes of crochet patterns, craft books, and The Workbasket magazines.