workmen's compensation

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work·men's compensation

Workers' compensation.

workmen's compensation


worker's compensation

(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) compensation for death, injury, or accident suffered by a workman in the course of his employment and paid to him or his dependents
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Noun1.workmen's compensation - compensation for death or injury suffered by a worker in the course of his employmentworkmen's compensation - compensation for death or injury suffered by a worker in the course of his employment
compensation - something (such as money) given or received as payment or reparation (as for a service or loss or injury)
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He said that Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923 did not cover the disease of pulmonary Koch.
The discussion here is thematic: poor relief; workmen's compensation and factory legislation; sickness, invalidity and old age pensions; and, finally, unemployment.
Insurance--Including comprehensive general liability, workmen's compensation and automobile liability;
It's a great location for attorney's who do workmen's compensation as state offices are housed in the building," said Leiderman.
104-1(b) to include "a statute in the nature of a workmen's compensation act which provides compensation to employees for personal injuries or sickness incurred in the course of employment.
At Governor Schwarzenegger's urging, the California Chamber of Commerce paid $5 million to gather the one million signatures required to qualify an initiative to comprehensively reform Workmen's Compensation.
Jockeys in the US, save for those riding in the five racing states that offer Workmen's Compensation (New York, California, Maryland, New Jersey and Idaho) are insured by the various tracks to the tune of $100,000.
Excessive taxes, fees and workmen's compensation are forcing large and small California businesses to move to other states, which results in loss of jobs for California residents.
The result was the development of workmen's compensation laws, ultimately placing the control of the industry in the hands of the insurance companies, thus avoiding government control.
Radicalism and reform: State insurance of Workmen's Compensation in Minnesota, 1910-1933.
Since manual lifting of material is virtually eliminated, bulk bag systems can help you to maintain a healthier work force and reduce workmen's compensation insurance premiums.
Workmen's compensation reform on the other hand--to which the Note turns in Part II--at once responded to and accelerated the dramatically expanded managerial control of the workplace represented by the scientific management revolution of the first decade of the twentieth century.