world view

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: view - a comprehensive view of the world and human life
perspective, view, position - a way of regarding situations or topics etc.; "consider what follows from the positivist view"
clockwork universe - the view that the universe resembles a clock built by God and ticking along according to Newtonian mechanics
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Donald Trump: The Making of a World View is neither pro-Trump nor anti-Trump; rather, it presents a balanced, serious-minded analysis of how Trump views international trade and America's alliances with other nations.
The space enterprise, meanwhile, lauded the project, which benefits both World View and KFC.
Presenting this compartmentalised de-contextualised body of Western knowledge to learners with a different world view scheme invites failure for both the learner and the teacher (Jones et al.
World View is already flying more conventional balloons that carry research payloads into the stratosphere for limited periods of time.
The other world view is represented by Solaris, a clock that will bring synchronicity to the world, that will give the world order.
With this flight, World View announces a partnership with United Parachute Technologies (UPT) in conjunction with Performance Designs, which co-designed the breakthrough technology and will provide parafoil systems for both unmanned research flights and journeys to the edge of space.
World View, an offshoot of privately owned Paragon Space Development Corporation, has designed the space balloon in less than a third of the 250,000 dollar cost of flying on Virgin Galactic's suborbital SpaceShipTwo, Fox News reports.
How does the rest of the world view treatment and recovery today?
Summary: DUBAI - Mediastow, a leading media intelligence agency, has been selected by World View Communications, the public relations and communications arm of Dubai World, to manage all its media intelligence requirements.
Mohamed Elzubeir, founder and managing director, Mediastow, said: "Mediastow is delighted to form a partnership with World View Communications of Dubai World which plays a central role in the socio-economic development of Dubai on the regional and global fronts.
Bishop Johnson noted that Bishop Snell "presided over the church in one of its most turbulent times as it was transforming from an ancient world view to a contemporary world view.
Alan Buchanan, an evangelical school supporter, defended the curriculum, telling The Ottawa Citizen that, "We offer a curriculum based on a Christian world view rather than humanistic world view.

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