Widely known and acclaimed.
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Jim Crow, moreover, was seen executing his world-renowned dance, in gingerbread.
Then he brought the world-renowned Turkish coffee that poets have sung so rapturously for many generations, and I seized upon it as the last hope that was left of my old dreams of Eastern luxury.
The St Regis Doha has announced a new line-up of events with world-renowned artistes planned for the month of May, as part of its commitment to diversifying Doha's music scene, and reaffirming once again the position of the hotel as Doha's supreme leisure and entertainment destination.
uk/stephen-hawking-75th-birthday-10-facts-about-world-renowned-theoretical-physicist-1599751) 10 facts about world-renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking
Summary: World-renowned French opera singers Delphine Haidan and Karine Deshayes will perform from a diverse repertoire
Sunderland Empire World-renowned psychic and World-renowned psychic and star of TV's Psychic Sally On the Road, Sally returns with The Road, Sally returns with her sensational live show.
MANAMA: Hundreds of physicians from around the globe will converge on Bahrain this week for a heart disease management course run by a world-renowned medical group.
All Saints Catholic College was one of hundreds of schools which entered the competition to win a visit from the world-renowned children's author.
Summary: DUBAI - PF Emirates, the UAE-based furniture retailer of world-renowned global brands Poltrona Frau, Cassina and Cappellini, on Saturday made its Dubai debut with the opening of its 600sqm showroom on Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai.
At a ceremony witnessed by Chairman Hoover Italian and 300 senior Arab clients, Egypt celebrates the Arab group today signed a new partnership contract with the Italian company Hoover world-renowned in the home appliance industry in general, washing machines and vacuum especially since its inception in 1907.
Summary: World-renowned environmental activist Erin Brokovich on Friday presented Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor with an award for her contribution to art and cinema.
states and thematic maps crafted by world-renowned cartographers.