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Of great significance or consequence.


of enormous significance; momentous


of sufficient dimensions or importance to affect the entire world, as an event or situation.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - sufficiently significant to affect the whole world; "earthshaking proposals"; "the contest was no world-shaking affair"; "the conversation...could hardly be called world-shattering"
significant, important - important in effect or meaning; "a significant change in tax laws"; "a significant change in the Constitution"; "a significant contribution"; "significant details"; "statistically significant"


[ˈwɜːldˌʃeɪkɪŋ] ADJpasmoso
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On a trail marked only by enigmatic symbols and elusive modern art, Langdon and Vidal uncover the clues that will bring them face-to-face with a world-shaking truth that has remained buried -- until now.
All that is required for world-shaking change is your conscious and courageous decision to serve.
How did such a world-shaking event lose its significance after only three decades?
Power dynamics, world-shaking ambition, oppression, and liberation are the themes of "The Young Pope " which uses the tiny nation-state of Vatican City as a metaphor for much of the political and social instability churning outside its august walls.
Seminarians struggle to cope with this world-shaking new information, and when they get into the pulpit, they quickly discover that congregations are generally uninterested in or hostile to such information.
It isn't long before he's won over by the city's gritty concrete charms and, in a flash of inspiration, hits on a world-shaking culinary innovation: the Brumburger.
Not to let this world-shaking moment pass without taking full of advantage, the enamored fan kissed her hand, reported Nawaret.
In a similar fashion to the arrival of object-oriented programming, the current wave of NoSQL/ big data/alt-DBMS tools, packages, and distributions holds the potential to have an equally world-shaking impact across the persistence-of-data landscape.
Like an ancient herald declaring "There is a new king--everything has changed," so too is the gospel, and that change is as immediate and world-shaking today as it was on that first Easter morning.
As well as the Belarusian will never forget the spring of 1943, world-shaking tragedy of Khatyn village, the Kyrgyz people will not forget the spring of 2010, when the ordinary people were shot in the central square of the capital - Bishkek - by the order of the Bakiyev family.
Human history is witness to world-shaking revolutions by the force of the demand for 'freedom, justice and equality'.
This programme looks at some of the most violent and dangerous weather ever caught on camera, from heavy storms to flash floods and world-shaking events.