world-wide web

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world´-wide` web´

n.1.The collective total of all computer installations that are connected to the internet and provide access to other computers connected to the internet, using hypertext transfer protocol, to computer files called web pages, which may have text, graphics, audio or animated video data, as well as pages which may provide data or information in all those forms.
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As part of ensuring a truly world-wide Web, W3C encourages international contributions to P3P through review and implementation.
BUSINESS WIRE)--March 7, 1996--Prodigy Services Company today announced full availability of the Prodigy Investment Center, the one-stop source for online trading, financial-related news and information from Dow Jones and other financial sources, as well as `Best of Net' investment links to the World-Wide Web.
EBT), the premier international supplier of integrated CD/Web publishing solutions, today announced that Asahi Shinbun, the leading newspaper in Japan, will use EBT's DynaText and DynaWeb online publishing software in an experimental program aimed at publishing Japanese language news articles on CD and the World-Wide Web.

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