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 (wûr′ē-mənt, wŭr′-)
1. The act or an instance of worrying.
2. A source of anxiety; a worry.


informal chiefly US and Canadian anxiety or the trouble that causes it; worry


(ˈwɜr i mənt, ˈwʌr-)

1. an act or instance of worrying; anxiety.
2. a source or cause of trouble or annoyance.
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Noun1.worriment - a difficulty that causes anxietyworriment - a difficulty that causes anxiety  
difficultness, difficulty - the quality of being difficult; "they agreed about the difficulty of the climb"
cumbersomeness, unwieldiness, awkwardness - trouble in carrying or managing caused by bulk or shape; "the movers cursed the unwieldiness of the big piano"
flea bite - a very minor inconvenience
fly in the ointment - an inconvenience that detracts from the usefulness of something
unwieldiness - the quality of being difficult to direct or control by reason of complexity; "avoiding the unwieldiness of formal legal processes"; "the onset of unwieldiness and bureaucracy in large organizations"


n (esp US inf)
(= vexation)Plage f, → Quälerei f
(= anxiety)Angst f, → Sorge f
References in classic literature ?
Very proud he was, to be sure, of the responsibility, and the first thing he did was to load that pistol and keep it by his bed, in our great worriment, for we feared he 'd kill himself with it.
If the individual has safely left behind the periods of hope and self-management and autonomy, become aim-oriented and initiative, competent and assiduous, they are less likely to suffer from this worriment and are able to overcome this crisis faster.