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Adv.1.worryingly - in a manner to cause worry
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Worryingly, this is eating ever more into households budgets, with prices rising by 3% or more than PS100 compared with a year ago.
Summary: With clashes at Al-Aqsa for a second day running, the PLO assertion Monday that Israel was playing with fire seems worryingly accurate, and if tensions are not defused soon then this could become the most deadly conflagration in the region.
It's not long before he's at the local quarry, with the car parked worryingly near the edge.
Worryingly, 16% said they did not know how to incorporate them into their regular diets, and 20% said they felt it wasn't necessary.
She said: "Although our five a day message is well established, worryingly 70 per She said: "Although our five a day message is well established, worryingly 70 per cent of adults are still not meeting this target.
It may surprise you to know that Switzerand go into the competition ranked as the eighth best side in the world and hope to at least match their best performance of reaching the Quarter Finals, which for some is worryingly optimistic
Equally worryingly, of 1,000 parents questioned, 11 per cent admitted they only ate with their children once a month.
Donovan's daughter is doing a school project on her Boston Irish family tree which includes Ray's two troubled brothers, more than one tragic secret, and, most worryingly, and urgently his father, Mickey (Voight, inset).
JOB prospects vary in different parts of the UK, with worryingly high disparities in employment prospects across regions, according to a Government minister.
Peter Shorrick, regional manager for Diabetes UK, said: "We estimate there are 850,000 people in the UK who are at risk of developing the condition, but worryingly, there are around 5,300 people in Coventry alone that have Type 2 diabetes but have no idea they do.
Considering it was established and continued to run by Zionist settlers, Haaretz are worryingly placing themselves under the auspices of a "liberal" paper and furthermore, as stated by Haaretz, plays an important role in shaping public opinion.
Worryingly, however, whatever the ICC recommend at international level, usually finds a way of filtering down through the first-class system and ultimately into grass roots level.