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Contraction of would not.


contraction of
would not


(ˈwʊd nt)
contraction of would not.


(wud) short forms I'd (aid) you'd (juːd) , he'd (hiːd) , she'd (ʃiːd) , it'd (ˈitəd) , we'd (wiːd) , they'd (ðeid) : negative short form wouldn't (ˈwudnt) verb
1. past tense of will. He said he would be leaving at nine o'clock the next morning; I asked if he'd come and mend my television set; I asked him to do it, but he wouldn't; I thought you would have finished by now.
2. used in speaking of something that will, may or might happen (eg if a certain condition is met). If I asked her to the party, would she come?; I would have come to the party if you'd asked me; I'd be happy to help you.
3. used to express a preference, opinion etc politely. I would do it this way; It'd be a shame to lose the opportunity; I'd prefer to go tomorrow rather than today.
4. used, said with emphasis, to express annoyance. I've lost my car-keys – that would happen!
ˈwould-be adjective
trying, hoping, or merely pretending, to be. a would-be poet.
would you
used to introduce a polite request to someone to do something. (Please) would you close the door?
References in classic literature ?
I wouldn't be as ignorant as that if I was you, Huck Finn.
Well, Miss Pollyanna, I'm thinking you must be a very forgiving little person, else you wouldn't have come to see me again to-day.
Ben, I'd like to, honest injun; but Aunt Polly -- well, Jim wanted to do it, but she wouldn't let him; Sid wanted to do it, and she wouldn't let Sid.
Then maybe she wouldn't think she knew so much more than other people.
She said it was wicked to say what I said; said she wouldn't say it for the whole world; she was going to live so as to go to the good place.
I wouldn't have you know it by somebody else, and not by me--I wouldn't have you find it out after I'm dead.
For a moment my meaning was lost on him; then he flushed and smiled, thanked me and was off again, saying that he must find his Shelley, as he wouldn't lose it for the world!
We should have asked you before, only we thought you wouldn't care for such a girl's game as this.
But she wouldn't let you--she pushed you off and kept you at arm's length.
I should think oo wouldn't be so silly," said Bruno, "as to go snail-hunting by oor-self.
I wouldn't marry you if you went down on your bended knees to me.
One corpulent slow boy, with a wheezy manner of breathing, ventured the answer, Because he wouldn't paper a room at all, but would paint it.