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n. Chiefly Australian
A person regarded as obnoxiously puritanical.

[Possibly from dialectal wow, to howl, complain, of imitative origin.]


1. a fanatically puritanical person
2. (Brewing) a teetotaller
[C20: from English dialect wow to whine, complain]


(ˈwaʊ zər)

Australia and New Zealand. an excessively puritanical person.
[1895–1900; orig. uncertain]


n (Austral inf)
(= killjoy)Miesmacher(in) m(f) (inf)
(= teetotaller)Abstinenzler(in) m(f)
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The one with a proper, wowser, seriously exciting funfair.
Then, as she was gathering breath for a real wowser of a scream, she heard Norah hissing through the keyhole.
Now, the Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBMi) at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has created Genome Wowser, an app for exploring genomic information that is convenient, intuitive and highly mobile.
She concludes this chapter by saying 'The Bulletin would say the report was written by a 'wowser'--a wowser being a being, an advocate of everything dry, of temperance and all the virtues, who expresses his opinions in such a manner that the good he advocates appears as offensive as he is himself.
Barry would have seen many examples of the effect of drinking to excess as he sat in judgement, but his nuanced, witty and thoughtful reading of The Anatomy of Drunkenness shows him to be no wowser.
Where I come from a wowser used to be a person addicted to not consuming alcohol.
Randerson reached for remote symbolism, but the surface of the story says plainly that Jesus was no wowser and that god has a pleasant sense of humour.
Applying this rule quickly disposed of e-mailers who firmly told me that digs, a British word for lodgings, is actually from 'Dine-In GuestS', that the outmoded Australian term wowser for an excessively puritanical person is an acronym of 'We Only Want Social Evils Remedied', that gaff a British colloquialism for one's place of residence, derives from 'General Address For Friends', that news is actually a telegraphic abbreviation for 'North, East, South, and West', and that hep is an anti-Semitic slogan from 'Hierosolyma Est Perdita', Jerusalem is lost.
MN mummeries / nunneries MR madam / radar MT manism / tanist MW momser / wowser MY mama / yaya MP mammiferous / pappiferous MS maim / sals MV mimer / viver MX Merom (IN) / Xerox MZ bumming / buzzing
McKay was a devout Presbyterian and wowser, values somewhat at odds with many in his workforce, and had an enmity for the nascent Australian labour movement.
When we have a meal with some members of our family], as happened recently, you know there're always some snide remarks about, you know, being a wowser; "Oh, you know, George's a wowser, so he won't, he won't want our champagne" or something like that.
It's too personal, and you know, you're [called] a wowser or you're a whatever.