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Noun1.wrestling ring - a square ring in which wrestlers competewrestling ring - a square ring in which wrestlers compete
ring - a platform usually marked off by ropes in which contestants box or wrestle
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American singing star and actor Frank Sinatra once said: "I believe British wrestlers are the best entertainers in the whole world," and British households would come together as one at four o'clock each Saturday afternoon during the mid-1970s to the late 1980s to cheer or boo the sporting stars of the wrestling ring.
According to Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin, Hardy will still need to wait for the approval of WWE medical authorities before stepping inside the wrestling ring again.
While some of the contestants will be treated to performing in a dog comedy show, and will get to meet Arie's beloved pet, the other women will have to battle it out in a wrestling ring to win Arie's affection.
His post suggests that a mother can only hope to make sense of things like how a referee tries to make the right calls inside a wrestling ring.
The second team will participate in the 'Sumo wrestling' competition, which requires them to programme their robots to wrestle other robots and be able to muscle them out of the wrestling ring.
The short mock video featuring Donald Trump pinning down a man in a business suit whose head is replaced with a CNN logo outside a wrestling ring is not only crudely made, its message is equally crude.
He said PTI wants to turn KP Assembly into a wrestling ring as the PTI leaders had adopted a childish approach by passing of derogatory remarks against women lawmakers of opposition benches that was not acceptable.
DI KHAN -- District council meeting turned into a wrestling ring as the members of the opposing parties brawled with each other over budget.
Andy brought Hercules with him into the wrestling ring and he was soon a household name.
But 17-year-old Gheeda Chamasaddine spends hers beating up grown men in a wrestling ring.