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Noun1.wrestling ring - a square ring in which wrestlers competewrestling ring - a square ring in which wrestlers compete
ring - a platform usually marked off by ropes in which contestants box or wrestle
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He said: "I'm buzzing to get tore into doing a live show but I'm a bit feart to be out there in front of an audience without a wrestling ring being there.
But 17-year-old Gheeda Chamasaddine spends hers beating up grown men in a wrestling ring.
The sanctity of the House should be maintained and it should not be reduced to a wrestling ring where blows are exchanged.
The animations are ultra-cool and draw players into their own wrestling ring where they can easily bet, spin and win.
After all, her rise and fall are familiar to most Americans: Dubbed the "Ninth Wonder of the World" for her dominance in the WWE pro wrestling ring (Andre the Giant had already laid claim to the title of eighth wonder), Chyna went from two-time WWF Intercontinental Champion and darling of the WWE to starring in various reality television and internet shows.
He became a police officer in 1973 while keeping his eye on the wrestling ring.
You walk into the basketball court, and there's a makeshift wrestling ring in the middle, surrounded by all these people screaming for their favorites and booing at the villains.
As well as the usual weights and conditioning sessions, the Giants had access to the gym's boxing ring, cage fighter's ring and wrestling ring.
TONY 'Banger' Walsh was used to being battered by grannies' brollies on his way into the wrestling ring as the bad boy went to grapple with Big Daddy.
twitter Join us twitter @LivEcho News The Duke Street training centre has a 16ft x 16ft wrestling ring and matted area, a separate mat room for technical wrestling and a free-weight room.
After becoming a boy miner aged 15 at his local pit in Brynmawr, he ran off to London to seek fame and found it in the wrestling ring.