wrist watch

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Noun1.wrist watch - a watch that is worn strapped to the wristwrist watch - a watch that is worn strapped to the wrist
watch, ticker - a small portable timepiece
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Tenders are invited for 1)Gents Wrist Watch Of Titan Model : Karishma 1648Ym01 Or Timex Models : A504/A503/A505/Bw02/Ti000t1020/Ti000r40600/Ti000q70100 Or Sonata Models : 7023Ym01/1013Ym02 Or Maxima Models : Attiv026920pagb/20983Imgi Attivo Or Fastrack Model : 3110Sm01.
Muscat: Gold ornaments worth OMR4,500, along with a wrist watch valued at OMR200, were stolen from an Indian expatriate's villa in Wadi Kabir on Friday evening, the tenant reported.
Although, the company has not confirmed the reports, but CEO Tim Cook had reportedly hinted to the wearable computing technology market as lucrative and hinted that the company may develop such a device as a wrist watch, the report added.
This is the first ceremony awarding a wrist watch bearing the name of Kim Jong-il to soldiers, officials and scientists.
Researchers at Newcastle University and Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSR) have developed a sensor the size of a wrist watch.
Pens and key chains DVR camcorder, bug detectors, micro cameras, nanny camcorders, wrist watch camcorders, phone recorders, GPS systems, Stun Guns, Spy gadgets, and many specialized security selection.
These include two gold bracelets, one with a diamante style pattern, a brooch with a picture of a lady, a gold one-inch locket with an engraved pattern on the front, a pearl necklace in a presentation box and a gold-plated wrist watch with a light coloured square face bought from 'Prices' in Birkenhead some 50 years ago as a gift.
FELLOW convicts of disgraced ex-Labour MP Elliott Morley, wonder why he wore his pounds 3,000 Rolex wrist watch in jail, where it was promptly nicked.
By using a stabilizer in the form of a wrist watch, he can remain visible.
A Sekonda wrist watch with a gold face and black strap inside a Leica Distro Case was found at the house on New Hey Road in Oakes on Thursday.
Designed as a discreet personal protection solution, the robust and waterproof LoKate wrist watch incorporates a miniature mobile phone and GPS receiver with a panic button allowing mobile workers to alert help discreetly if in danger.
A number of very valuable jewellery items were taken during the incident including a distinctive Rolex Daytona wrist watch and a company cheque card in the name of Britton Brothers Ltd.