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also write·a·ble  (rī′tə-bəl)
adj. Computers
Capable of recording data. Used of a storage medium: writable compact discs.


or write•a•ble

(ˈraɪ tə bəl)
1. capable of being written.
2. Computers. capable of recording data: writable CDs.


writeable [ˈraɪtəbəl] adj (COMPUTING)enregistrable
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turned her discovery into a writable waterproof paper that is an alternative to the existing method of making waterproof paper using compressed polypropylene fibers.
Other specialty cards include 10-milthick blank cards with writable backs and 30-mil-thick breakaway key tag cards.
The Specialty Card supply line includes 10-millimeter-thick blank business cards with writable backs, and 30-millimeter-thick blank 3-Up Key Tag cards, designed for retail, membership, and loyalty programs.
In this aggressive environment, optical technology is proving its value as a high-capacity, long data life, random-access writable technology.
Each student is assigned a writable cartridge that is put in the LeapPad when they are working.
Included with the Mitsumi CR4802TU External Drive kit is a USB cable and driver, Kodak Digital Science Writable CD Media, and applications software.
The new product is a disc-based backup that resides on a writable magnetic or optical disc and incorporates AutoRun to start up automatically and to perform a backup to the same disc on which the software itself resides.