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Noun1.write-in candidate - a candidate for public office whose name does not appear on the ballot and so must be written on the ballot by the voters
campaigner, candidate, nominee - a politician who is running for public office
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A candidate still has to register with the state board of elections before they can actually be considered a write-in candidate.
Perry has still not announced an official bid to seek the 2012 GOP nomination for president, but had the backing of 14 percent of attendees as a write-in candidate.
According to election results, four out of six attorneys running in Senate races were successful, although one of those was running against a write-in candidate who received no votes.
2000 vote: Even though I ran as a write-in candidate myself, I wound up voting for Nader because I thought he gave such rousing and impressive speeches.
Independent write-in candidate Shu Kexin, a businessman who made a name for himself by holding town hall meetings to reach 500 to 1,000 voters at a time, said most of Beijing's 2,336 precincts were not set up for secret balloting despite a law saying voters have a right to privacy.
To become a write-in candidate, each had to submit signatures from 65 registered voters, but did not have to come up with the $3,500 fee the regular candidates forked over.
Wilson then entered the race as a write-in candidate.
Carbone 27,711 to 9,505, becoming only the second write-in candidate since the 1970s to qualify to run for statewide office.
Michael Sessions, an 18-year-old high school senior, won as a write-in candidate for mayor of Hillsdale, Mich.
Abare, resident David Johnson received three votes as a write-in candidate for the Housing Authority, but probably would not be placed in the position.
The deadline to run as a write-in candidate is Tuesday.
In that election, the relatively high number of write-in votes for mayor likely included votes for departing Mayor Jim Torrey, who some people wanted to run as a write-in candidate, Romain said.