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v. Archaic
A past participle of writhe.
Twisted; contorted.


a past participle of writhe
twisted; distorted


- "Twisted or contorted out of shape."
See also related terms for twisted.


 something arranged in the form of coils, having folds or windings, 1542.
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Adj.1.writhen - twisted (especially as in pain or struggle); "his mad contorted smile"; "writhed lips"; "my writhen features"- Walter scott
crooked - having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned; "crooked country roads"; "crooked teeth"
References in classic literature ?
He stalked stiff-legged, with a snarl writhen on his lips, and with recurrent waves of hair- bristling along his back and up his shoulders and neck.
Her eyes are "like cloudy hothouse grapes" (H 11), and "her entire appearance suggested some symbology out of the old Dionysic times - honey in sunlight and bursting grapes, the writhen bleeding of the crushed fecundated vine" (H 105).
Talking on the point of order on the Assembly floor, Engineer Amir Muqam said that they had already writhen objection note in this regard and would not tolerate injustice with people of the province.