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adj. wri·er (rī′ər), wri·est (rī′ĭst) or wry·er or wry·est
1. Funny in an understated, sarcastic, or ironic way: a wry sense of humor.
2. Temporarily twisted in an expression of distaste or displeasure: made a wry face.
3. Archaic Abnormally twisted or bent to one side; crooked: a wry nose.

[From Middle English wrien, to turn, from Old English wrīgian; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

wry′ly adv.
wry′ness n.
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Though Mr Rugg saw plainly there was no preventing this from being done, still the wryness of his face and the uneasiness of his limbs so sorely required the propitiation of a Protest, that he made one.
He's a romantic--his wife, Martha, to whom his memoir At the Strangers' Gate: Arrivals in New York is dedicated, is described with a disarming mixture of wryness and adoration--and he is frequently a cynic and a sentimentalist within the span of a few paragraphs.
As I talk about my childhood trauma," Theron said, shifting back into wryness, "let me just name-drop.
42) The comparison is apt, for More's classic comedic fantasy confronted the follies and injustices of sixteenth-century Europe not with the bitter and abrasive satire of a Juvenal (or for that matter a Swift) but with the milder wryness of a Horace and the playful outlandishness of a Lucian.
Asked about the report, I noted, with what I thought was some wryness, that I had learned that in Washington, if a report has the words "talking points" in a prominent place, it is not necessarily objective.
According to Rhodri Lewis, Borges's text is marked by a "characteristic wryness on what he took to be the more quixotic aspects of Wilkins's Essay" (Lewis 2007: 3).
And of course, the New York School's wryness is part of the sensibility.
Barnett's songs are dipped in wit and emotions and are delivered with a nonchalant wryness.
There's a wryness in her voice when she sings it, and a gentleness.
When 1 read that, in "Hesitating over a Young Poet's Book," "Hartwig's wryness matches Billy Collins at his best," I cannot help but suspect mischief, notwithstanding the essay on Collins, which is generous to a fault), and acerbic too.
On poker players who habitually utter witty and ironic remarks: Hoyle wryness.
Garfield gives Peter a touching sensitivity and Spidey the playful wryness the Marvel Comics creators first envisioned.